Chinese Good Luck Symbols – Part 2 – Attract Love, Romance With Feng Shui

How do Chinese feng shui symbols attract love and romance?

In feng shui compass school method, Southwest is the place for love, romance, marriage and family . and it is believed that an image of a couple in the Southwest side of your home or room can attract love, romance and happy marriage.

I have very good experience using this area for my relationship.

What I did was to display the image, picture of my favorite type of person on the wall in the Southwest area of my room. Also an image of a love couple, of a dream house surrounded by a beautiful flower garden. Also a pair of rose quartz figurines. In the southeast corner of my room, I placed a small plant with red ribbon around the bowl of plants which was given by my friend as a wedding favor.

As a result, when I was single , I had so many opportunities to meet people who look like the image picture of my favorite person.

Here are some Chinese feng shui symbols for love, romance and happy marriage and also mystical symbols to increase your love opportunity:

Pair of love birds ( or mandarin ducks )

Love birds symbolize happy marriage and couple. Placing pair figurines show that you are not alone, you always have a partner in your life.

Dragon & phoenix couple

Dragon & Phoenix couple image represents emperor and empress ( husband & wife ) which symbolizes happy marriage with a lot of wealth, and brings luxury life.

Peach tree

Peach tree symbolizes longevity in Chinese tradition, however in my experience, displaying a peach tree image or peach flowers brought great love opportunities. I was placing fake peaches ( fruit ) in the Southwest corner of my room.

Pink flowers & plants

Placing live pink color flowers in the southeast corner of your house is believed to bring a lot of new relationship opportunities. Also placing a lot of plants in the southeast corner can get the same.

Basically, according to feng shui compass school method, southwest is the place for relationship & family, and southeast is for wealth , but I realized this area ( southeast) also has the power to increase new relationship opportunities when you place colorful flowers or plants with red ribbon.

Flower design blanket and curtain

Colorful flower design symbolizes love and romance. Avoid to use dark color flowers such as blue flowers.

Rose quartz happy buddha

Rose quartz symbolizes love, romance and good relationship. Happy buddha ( laughing buddha) also is called ” Hotei ” symbolizes joy and happiness. The combination of rose quartz and happy buddha are a powerful good luck symbol for love opportunity & marriage.

Phoenix , horse, bird

If you want to bring popularity into your life, displaying the image of phoenix or horse or bird at the south corner of your home can help .

Chinese double happiness symbol

Double happiness is an excellent feng shui symbol for wedding luck.

The meaning of the word is ” Joy, Happiness ” in Chinese and it is written twice.

If you wish to find romance and a future partner, great to place the double happiness symbol in the southwest corner of your house or room or carry it in your handbag or purse.

Wedding favors

Wedding favors are a very powerful item when you receive it from your friend or family who are full of happiness at the wedding party. Place the wedding favor in the southwest or southeast corner of your house or room.

Joining happy events is always good luck, unless you don’t get negative mind when you are by yourself.


Natural crystal quartz is extremely effective to activate earth energy of southwest corner and it will attract romance into your life. Especially when you place crystal ( or hang it ) by the window which catches sunlight , it will expand yang energy around the space.

Travel to good direction for love

To go traveling in the love direction ( you will need to check this, because every year, every month , it’s different. ) can bring you love luck , during traveling and in your close future. If you want to change your love luck, this is also very effective.