Relationship Advice – Ways To Keep A Long Distance Romance Alive

You have just found out you are going to have to live apart from your partner… at least for the time being! Does this now spell the end of the intimacy between the two of you? It could… if you choose to let it happen. But it doesn’t have to turn out that way. You have choices to make; you will find there is much you can do to keep the spark in your relationship until you can be together again.

One of the best ways to open up to the possibilities is to embrace technology. Having the Internet at your disposal puts you light-years ahead of anyone who was in your situation just 20 years ago:

  • you no longer have to rely on “snail mail” to get a message to your loved one.
  • emails are just as personal as traditional mail and they’re instantaneous.
  • Skype is another great form of communication that offers immediate results.

Another great method of personal messaging is to send your long distance love a personal e-card. These can easily be built from services online and the great thing is you really do not have to be an “IT” expert in order to navigate through the process. Some require a small charge, but most are free to use.

Take a video of yourself giving a personal message to your loved one and email it to them. This not only lets them see you in person, but they get to hear your voice as well. You can make it as private as you wish.

Use a webcam to interact with your partner. It requires the same type of equipment on both ends… but it’s as close to being face-to-face with them as you can get without actually being able to touch them.

If you really want to utilize the convenience of a webcam, plan on having dinner together. Pick a specific night to meet online, just like you would meet if you were both in the same town. Agree on a specific type of food you both want, say Italian, for instance. Both of you purchase take-out on that night and meet at the specified time with your meal. Then, sit down in front of your webcams and eat together.

Want to show them you’re willing to put in a little extra effort? Scan the Internet for a local radio station and call it to dedicate a song to your loved one. Then, contact them and have them tune in to hear their dedication.

Reinvent Romance in Your Relationship – 5 Easy Tips to Renew Romance

Where has all the romance gone in your relationship? Don’t let it fade like that new car smell. There are things you can do to keep the sparks flying even as the years go flying by.

While flowers and a romantic restaurant once sent your heart soaring, the stresses and strains of everyday living can put a cold damper on your heart’s passion. What once seemed magical can now just seem really boring. If you find yourself trying to put the steam back in your lovemaking or the excitement back in the anticipation, you are trying too hard and for the wrong thing. What is lacking most in the non-romantic’s love life isn’t heated passion, it is the mystery of something and someone new.

That something new is one of the main reasons those in seemingly committed relationships go looking for that someone new. That waste of time and energy, which could potentially end the relationship, could and should be used for looking for someone new right inside of yourself.

When was the last time you reinvented you? Keeping it fresh and new not only makes you feel good about yourself, it keeps your partner on his toes and excited about what is next. Keeping the mystery alive in your heart and soul and in your relationship is a guaranteed way to keep the romance there too.

Having a hard enough time just inventing yourself let alone reinventing yourself?

  1. Find a role model. Whether living or dead, a real person or a character in a novel, pick someone you think is mysterious and tantalizing. Just by keeping them in your mind’s eye, you will reshape your perception of you.
  2. Change your style. Not just your hair or dress but your personal style. Changing your image, if only behind closed doors, will change your outlook on who you are.
  3. Read romance novels. Romance novels are the epitome of fantasy and mystery. Not your type of reading material? All the more reason to pick one up off the shelf.
  4. Get a hobby. But not one that you always wanted to try. Pick one that is totally different than what would be expected. You don’t have to stick with it long because it is all about the adventure, which will stay with you forever.
  5. Pretend you are looking for love. That does not mean go bar hopping! Stop and think what you would be doing different if you were looking for a partner. Start by looking in the mirror and at your attitude.

If you truly want to renew the excitement of love and romance in your life, start by reinventing yourself and all the excitement you want will soon be yours.

12 Qualities Of Romance In A Conscious Relationship

Romance, the first component of passion, exists when a relationship contains the positive feelings of peace, respect, fulfillment, happiness and love. Each person has a uniquely private definition of romance. Do you know the words, actions and behaviors that make up your Romance Language? Do you know your partner’s?

“I-TO-WE” offers a broad definition of romance: the loving words you want to hear, the actions you need to see, and the behaviors you desire to experience to make you smile, warm your heart, and fill your soul with positive energy. Romance describes the happiness experienced when you receive a gift from your partner for no particular reason. It is the love that stems from recognizing a gift from the heart, which reflects your deepest needs and makes you feel wanted, desired and loved.

How do you put romance into your relationship? Real, long-lasting romance is necessary to Create an Emotionally Intelligent Relationship. If you need direction to make some romance, look at these. You may have some personal qualities to make them even more meaningful.

1. We make our partner feel safe, loved, and cared for every day

2. We treat our partner with respect and admiration on a daily basis

3. We let our partner know he or she is the number one priority in our life

4. We show a willingness to go out of our way for our partner

5. We gain an intimate knowledge of our partner’s needs and desires

6. We see our partner’s needs as important as our own

7. We do everything we can to satisfy those needs and desires

8. We love our partner the way he or she wants to be loved, not the way we want to be loved

9. We are conscious to please our partner in ways that are meaningful to him or her

10. We give unconditional romance gifts to our partner

11. We are inspired to do something to make our partner smile every day

12. We are conscious of how we treat our partner by being soft, kind, gentle, and compassionate

I hope you and your partner

Gain the Awareness, Learn the Skills and

Practice the Techniques so you are successful on your

Journey from “I-TO-WE”(TM) to live your lives as each other’s

Best Friends During the Day,

Lovers at Night, and

Partners for Life.