The Truth About Paranormal Romances

Why are paranormal romances so popular these days?

The release of the movie, Underworld, starring Kate Beckinsale, about a romance between a vampire and a werewolf has publishers scrambling for manuscripts dealing with paranormal romances. Unlike historical romances or classic romances, this genre is a lot more imaginative. Typically, there would be fantasy elements in the story. Either the setting is futuristic, or in some fantasy world or the hero, the heroine or both are not normal people.

Take underworld for instance. You have a Romeo and Juliet love story. This time, the setting is paranormal. Romeo comes from the werewolf clan while Juliet is from the vampire clan. Unlike a helpless Juliet, you have one who kicks butt, shoots down the enemy and saves the hero.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first Underworld movie and had to see the sequel, Underworld Evolution []. There, the story of the vampire and werewolf lovers continue.

Though paranormal romance seems like a recently hot subgenre, this genre has been around for ages. Take Buffy the Vampire slayer and Spike, her vampire boyfriend. Or go back even further in time to Dracula, the king of all vampire stories. In the original, Dracula had seduced three women and bit them, turning them into vampires. More horror than romance, it could also be considered the grand daddy of this subgenre.

While the classic romances might cast the heroine as the damsel in distress, waiting to be rescued by her knight in shining armour, modern day paranormal romances (and a number of other modern day romance tales) feature stronger heroines.

In Warrior Girl [], the first book in the sfxfantasy series, the heroine, though captured by the enemy escapes on her own. Instead of sweeping her off her feet to safety, the hero, just hovers around invisibly, watching her escape with the intention of testing her mettle. His intention is not to seduce her but to recruit her as a warrior.

From there, as the feelings between the pair develop, you’ll have a paranormal romance set in a fantasy world that breaks many of the rules in traditional romance novels.

Romances, paranormal or not appeal to the human heart. The happy ever after ending, like the fairy tales we grew up on, though may not come true in real life, happens in the world of romance novels. Paranormal romance stories extend on that, with the thrill of a fantasy world, a futuristic setting or with people with superhuman abilities, creating a story that thrill the heart and imagination of the reader.

Trend Of Making Friends And Romance With Online Dating

Online dating websites create the opportunity for people to meet potential partners and friends online. Although many people go out specifically looking to find romance, the general trend is that most people upload a profile to a social networking website and meet partners online in much the same way that you would offline. When you go out of your way to find a date, it is often much harder than leaving it to come along naturally when you meet someone who you click with. When you meet someone and immediately show an interest in them, it can be difficult to really get to know each other when there is a pressure that your relationship has to materialize into one of romance. When you take a more laid back approach, you can remain friends with some people, and consider dating those that you feel you have made a bond with.

Online social networking sites are also great to meet potential partners because of the relative anonymity that you can maintain from the outset. The same goes with meeting friends as well; you can talk to them without having to share your telephone number, address and other personal information which is obviously necessary for a relationship offline. Therefore choosing not to email them back or even not to respond in the first place is perfectly acceptable etiquette and you will not have to worry about any consequences that could prevail.

On the other hand, when you do meet someone that you like, the anonymity offered by the internet is potentially less favorable – you have no way to verify they are who they say they are. That is why when you meet someone you met online for the first time, it is best to suggest a meeting in a busy place, and to consider suggesting that you both bring friends along with you. Not only will this be safer, it will also be less uncomfortable since you will both have people there that you know.

Many people who are nervous offline find meeting people online much easier, and that can be true of meeting friends as well. Despite that, you should keep in mind that should you wish for your online relationship to flourish offline you need to remain true to who you are, and the way that you are comfortable of acting and conducting yourself. Although you may be tempted to tell white lies in order to entice the person to like you more, it is very important that you stay true to yourself.

When you go on a dating site at first, you may have problems trying to find people to talk with at first since you have just started out. One great way to do this is to search the site to find people that you think you have the potential to bond with. If your offline friends participate as well, you could start talking with their friends, and friends of their friends, and so on. Over time you can be sure to meet great new people from all around the world.

Rekindling the Romance and Passion in Marriage

It is sad to note that the most important ingredients in the marriage are easily lost after the solemnization lasts for some time. These major ingredients are romance and passion and their loss are always very imminent in many marriages. The regular complaint is marriage becoming routine, regular and the feeling of falling out of love with the spouse. Rekindling the romance and passion in marriage is a possibility in spite of all that we had mentioned above.

Nothing good comes easy, so it is necessary for married couples to address their mind to the fact that they have to put in some effort to ensure that the romance and passion fire in their relationship is keep burning. So have it at the back of your mind that if you are unwilling to put in the effort needed to rekindle romance and passion it will never happen.

There are two key things that we will discuss in this article and they are how do you build up to successful love making and the use of dating life to rekindle romance fire in relationship.

How do you build up to successful love making?

You will be amazed that majority of couples over the ages had always believed that lovemaking begins when the art is to be perpetuated. But far from it this is not correct, rather there are built up procedures to what makes a successful, unforgettable and interesting love making.

The error that they make is to believe that love making is only about sex. This is quite wrong love making is more than sex but it involves the whole being and it starts from the very moment that the days light shine in the morning. The affectionate touch in the morning, the goodbye kiss, the mid day call from the office and the back massage after the days work all builds up to what makes up a sweet love making.

On your part in the bid to rekindling the romance and passion in your marriage you must decide that you will be committed to daily romantic gestures. What is the best time to start this? The best time is today and possibly now.

What next?

Send love note, leave a love message in the voice mail. Send a love quote in text. Get your spouse heart warm and ready for the great event when you eventually get home. When going home don’t forget to get in your possession a rose, a glass with favorite wine or whatever will show the rekindling of romance and passion.

With this strategy mastered and utilized on daily basis be sure that the fire of romance will ever be burning in your relationship. Sex will cease from being a way of easing out a sexual tension but a way of keeping the fire of love glowing between the two of you.

The use of dating life to rekindle romance fire in relationship:

One of the greatest challenges facing most couple today is lack of time to be together alone for intimacy and reflection on life together. The pressure of job, care of the kids, care of the spouse and a times the challenge of working outside the home all contributed to this.

In as much as saving your marriage and rekindling the romance and passion in your marriage is a must then you need to make time for each other.

So what do you do?

The solution is very easy, what you do is to decide regular dates. It could be weekly or twice a month only that it has to be regular and consistent. Don’t wait till you reach desperation before taking this step.

It is common for couples to overlook the importance of having dates when they get married. Usually they forget that it was these times that helped them remain in love when they were dating before they got married. So it is such time that will help to rekindle that romance and passion in their marriage. It is better to know that marriage does not mean an end to dating.


You can easily thing that it takes a very big effort to make a difference in your marriage, whereas these simple tips will get you to the sky in rekindling the romance and passion in your marriage. These tips are very simple and easy to put into use, so try them and save your marriage and rekindle the romance and passion in your marriage.