Romance Novel Review: Beautiful Mess by Lucy V. Morgan

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy

Average Goodreads Rating: 3.46 stars

My Rating: 5 stars

Life is looking down for Bailey when she gets dumped by her long-term boyfriend Craig. Not even her three best friends– Tom, Olly and Linc– can cheer her up. Not for a lack of trying on their part. They bought her Jagermeister and wrote her a song comparing Craig to a slutty werewolf.

It doesn’t help that Bailey makes wedding cakes for a living, or that Valentine’s Day is coming up.

But her friend Linc knows what she needs to cheer up, and he is completely willing to give it to her.

It’s finally been done: a romance novel with a nerdy love interest. Hallelujah.

Not a pseudo-nerd who’s introverted but still a charismatic billionaire, but a genuine, video-game playing, YouTube-video making, awkwardly sweet nerd.

“Anyone would think that you were trying to seduce me, Linc.”

“I think… I think maybe I am.” He nudged my shoulder gently. “Is that okay?”

He is the best. Linc’s shyness and awkwardness is adorable, and he always has Bailey’s best interests at heart, even above his own. Despite being in love with her for five years, Linc wasn’t happy to hear about Bailey’s breakup with Craig. Instead he was concerned about her and wanted to make her happy. The seducing didn’t come until later.

And this might be a short romance novel– it took me about three hours to read– but it’s very well-done, and hilarious.

Bailey’s personality is great. She’s witty, relatable, and comes up with the best descriptions, like:

It’d been a week since I broke up with a guy who not only chewed my heart up and spat it out, but slowly re-ingested it so he could (poop) it on to crackers and feed it to parrots with attachment issues.

Crazy and yet accurate, right?

The book is filled with great imagery like that. There is also some very real chemistry between Bailey and her friends. Their relationships don’t feel forced at all and I love that Olly and Linc are YouTube celebrities with supernatural parody songs.

Not only do they remind me of Danny and Aaron from Starbomb, which I’m a fan of, but it also allows for songs like “Slutty Werewolf”, which I really wish was a real song. I can’t post the lyrics here because of the language, but, Lucy V. Morgan, if you end up reading this, please record and make a video of the Slutty Werewolf song. I need it. The internet needs it. The world needs it.

The only thing I didn’t like was Bailey’s pet rats. Yes, they add to her quirkyness, but they’re rats. I just got rid of a bad rat infestation in my house a couple of months ago, so every time she cuddled one of those rodents I kept thinking uillew. (I took me ten minutes to sound out the noise I was making in my head so I could spell it properly. You’re welcome.)

But this isn’t really a story or writing flaw. This is just me being specist. So I’m not taking any partial stars off for the rats. Beautiful Mess is a rare five star book for me.