12 Qualities Of Romance In A Conscious Relationship

Romance, the first component of passion, exists when a relationship contains the positive feelings of peace, respect, fulfillment, happiness and love. Each person has a uniquely private definition of romance. Do you know the words, actions and behaviors that make up your Romance Language? Do you know your partner’s?

“I-TO-WE” offers a broad definition of romance: the loving words you want to hear, the actions you need to see, and the behaviors you desire to experience to make you smile, warm your heart, and fill your soul with positive energy. Romance describes the happiness experienced when you receive a gift from your partner for no particular reason. It is the love that stems from recognizing a gift from the heart, which reflects your deepest needs and makes you feel wanted, desired and loved.

How do you put romance into your relationship? Real, long-lasting romance is necessary to Create an Emotionally Intelligent Relationship. If you need direction to make some romance, look at these. You may have some personal qualities to make them even more meaningful.

1. We make our partner feel safe, loved, and cared for every day

2. We treat our partner with respect and admiration on a daily basis

3. We let our partner know he or she is the number one priority in our life

4. We show a willingness to go out of our way for our partner

5. We gain an intimate knowledge of our partner’s needs and desires

6. We see our partner’s needs as important as our own

7. We do everything we can to satisfy those needs and desires

8. We love our partner the way he or she wants to be loved, not the way we want to be loved

9. We are conscious to please our partner in ways that are meaningful to him or her

10. We give unconditional romance gifts to our partner

11. We are inspired to do something to make our partner smile every day

12. We are conscious of how we treat our partner by being soft, kind, gentle, and compassionate

I hope you and your partner

Gain the Awareness, Learn the Skills and

Practice the Techniques so you are successful on your

Journey from “I-TO-WE”(TM) to live your lives as each other’s

Best Friends During the Day,

Lovers at Night, and

Partners for Life.