Relationship Advice – Ways To Keep A Long Distance Romance Alive

You have just found out you are going to have to live apart from your partner… at least for the time being! Does this now spell the end of the intimacy between the two of you? It could… if you choose to let it happen. But it doesn’t have to turn out that way. You have choices to make; you will find there is much you can do to keep the spark in your relationship until you can be together again.

One of the best ways to open up to the possibilities is to embrace technology. Having the Internet at your disposal puts you light-years ahead of anyone who was in your situation just 20 years ago:

  • you no longer have to rely on “snail mail” to get a message to your loved one.
  • emails are just as personal as traditional mail and they’re instantaneous.
  • Skype is another great form of communication that offers immediate results.

Another great method of personal messaging is to send your long distance love a personal e-card. These can easily be built from services online and the great thing is you really do not have to be an “IT” expert in order to navigate through the process. Some require a small charge, but most are free to use.

Take a video of yourself giving a personal message to your loved one and email it to them. This not only lets them see you in person, but they get to hear your voice as well. You can make it as private as you wish.

Use a webcam to interact with your partner. It requires the same type of equipment on both ends… but it’s as close to being face-to-face with them as you can get without actually being able to touch them.

If you really want to utilize the convenience of a webcam, plan on having dinner together. Pick a specific night to meet online, just like you would meet if you were both in the same town. Agree on a specific type of food you both want, say Italian, for instance. Both of you purchase take-out on that night and meet at the specified time with your meal. Then, sit down in front of your webcams and eat together.

Want to show them you’re willing to put in a little extra effort? Scan the Internet for a local radio station and call it to dedicate a song to your loved one. Then, contact them and have them tune in to hear their dedication.

Chinese Good Luck Symbols – Part 2 – Attract Love, Romance With Feng Shui

How do Chinese feng shui symbols attract love and romance?

In feng shui compass school method, Southwest is the place for love, romance, marriage and family . and it is believed that an image of a couple in the Southwest side of your home or room can attract love, romance and happy marriage.

I have very good experience using this area for my relationship.

What I did was to display the image, picture of my favorite type of person on the wall in the Southwest area of my room. Also an image of a love couple, of a dream house surrounded by a beautiful flower garden. Also a pair of rose quartz figurines. In the southeast corner of my room, I placed a small plant with red ribbon around the bowl of plants which was given by my friend as a wedding favor.

As a result, when I was single , I had so many opportunities to meet people who look like the image picture of my favorite person.

Here are some Chinese feng shui symbols for love, romance and happy marriage and also mystical symbols to increase your love opportunity:

Pair of love birds ( or mandarin ducks )

Love birds symbolize happy marriage and couple. Placing pair figurines show that you are not alone, you always have a partner in your life.

Dragon & phoenix couple

Dragon & Phoenix couple image represents emperor and empress ( husband & wife ) which symbolizes happy marriage with a lot of wealth, and brings luxury life.

Peach tree

Peach tree symbolizes longevity in Chinese tradition, however in my experience, displaying a peach tree image or peach flowers brought great love opportunities. I was placing fake peaches ( fruit ) in the Southwest corner of my room.

Pink flowers & plants

Placing live pink color flowers in the southeast corner of your house is believed to bring a lot of new relationship opportunities. Also placing a lot of plants in the southeast corner can get the same.

Basically, according to feng shui compass school method, southwest is the place for relationship & family, and southeast is for wealth , but I realized this area ( southeast) also has the power to increase new relationship opportunities when you place colorful flowers or plants with red ribbon.

Flower design blanket and curtain

Colorful flower design symbolizes love and romance. Avoid to use dark color flowers such as blue flowers.

Rose quartz happy buddha

Rose quartz symbolizes love, romance and good relationship. Happy buddha ( laughing buddha) also is called ” Hotei ” symbolizes joy and happiness. The combination of rose quartz and happy buddha are a powerful good luck symbol for love opportunity & marriage.

Phoenix , horse, bird

If you want to bring popularity into your life, displaying the image of phoenix or horse or bird at the south corner of your home can help .

Chinese double happiness symbol

Double happiness is an excellent feng shui symbol for wedding luck.

The meaning of the word is ” Joy, Happiness ” in Chinese and it is written twice.

If you wish to find romance and a future partner, great to place the double happiness symbol in the southwest corner of your house or room or carry it in your handbag or purse.

Wedding favors

Wedding favors are a very powerful item when you receive it from your friend or family who are full of happiness at the wedding party. Place the wedding favor in the southwest or southeast corner of your house or room.

Joining happy events is always good luck, unless you don’t get negative mind when you are by yourself.


Natural crystal quartz is extremely effective to activate earth energy of southwest corner and it will attract romance into your life. Especially when you place crystal ( or hang it ) by the window which catches sunlight , it will expand yang energy around the space.

Travel to good direction for love

To go traveling in the love direction ( you will need to check this, because every year, every month , it’s different. ) can bring you love luck , during traveling and in your close future. If you want to change your love luck, this is also very effective.

How You Can Create Your Own Romance Luck

“I’m not handsome enough.”

“I’m not pretty enough.”

“I’m not rich enough.”

And many many other reasons that you may have. It may be true that these reasons are stopping you from finding the romance that you desire. In a practical sense, yes, richer, prettier and handsomer people do have an edge over those who are less rich,less pretty and less handsome.

However,with the knowledge that I am going to share with you soon, you won’t really need to be more good looking and richer in order to find that relationship you desire.

The very first thing you need to know are the 3 romance stars. Depending on your Chinese zodiac sign,your 3 different romance stars enter your sign during different years. Later, I will show you which are the years the different romance stars enter your sign. I need to introduce the 3 types of romance stars to you first…

First, is the Marriage Star, also known as the Hong Luan star in Chinese. The marriage star will bring romance or marriage,depending on your age.When this star enters your sign,you can expect your romance luck to be extremely good. No matter what, you should always be on the offense in looking for romance when this star enters your sign.

Let me list out for you when the marriage star enters your sign basing on your Chinese zodiac sign…

    Rat’s marriage star is at Rabbit.Year 1999,2011,2023.
    Ox’s marriage star is at Tiger.Year 1998,2010,2022.
    Tiger’s marriage star is at Ox.Year 1997,2009,2021.
    Rabbit’s marriage star is at Rat.Year 1996,2008,2020.
    Dragon’s marriage star is at Pig.Year 1995,2007,2019.
    Snake’s marriage star is at Dog.Year 1994,2006,2018.
    Horse’s marriage star is at Rooster.Year 1993,2005,2017.
    Sheep’s marriage star is at Monkey.Year 1992,2004,2015.
    Monkey’s marriage star is at Sheep.Year 1991,2003,2015.
    Rooster’s marriage star is at Horse.Year 1990,2002,2014.
    Dog’s marriage star is at Snake.Year 1989,2001,2013.
    Pig’s marriage star is at Dragon.Year 1988,2000,2012.

Whenever the marriage star enters your sign,you can easily find romance. Take full advantage of the opportunity when the tides are in your favor.

Meanwhile,congratulations to those born under the Rabbit sign. This is a good year for finding romance and getting married.

I can read your mind…are you thinking “What should I do if I miss my marriage star? Does it mean that I have to wait for another 12 years?”

I will answer your question now. Introducing…the next romance star. The happiness star,also known as Tian Xi in Chinese. As you can see from the name,this star brings happiness to you. As new romances and weddings are also joyous occasions, you can also expect them when this star enters your chart.

Let me list them out for you…

    Rat’s happiness star is at Rooster.Year 1993,2005,2017.
    Ox’s happiness star is at Monkey.Year 1992,2004,2016.
    Tiger’s happiness star is at Sheep.Year 1991,2003,2015.
    Rabbit’s happiness star is at Horse.Year 1990,2002,2014.
    Dragon’s happiness star is at Snake.Year 1989,2001,2013.
    Snake’s happiness star is at Dragon.Year 1988,2000,2012.
    Horse’s happiness star is at Rabbit.Year 1987,1999,2011.
    Sheep’s happiness star is at Tiger.Year 1998,2010,2022.
    Monkey’s happiness star is at Ox.Year 1997,2009,2021.
    Rooster’s happiness star is at Rat.Year 1996,2008,2020.
    Dog’s happiness star is at Pig.Year 1995,2007,2019.
    Pig’s happiness star is at Dog.Year 1994,2006,2018.

Which sign has the happiness star this year?The rooster.Congratulations to those born under the Rooster sign.This may be the year you tie the knot,or meet the love of your life.

The last romance star is the one that most people are interested in…you probably are too.This romance star also has the potential to break up families and marriages.You certainly want to handle it with care.

Introducing…the sex star,also known as the Xian Chi star. Why is this star called the sex star? Because whenever this star enters any sign,there will be sex, flings, one night stands or co-habitation. If you are looking for extra marital affairs or flings, this is the star for you. But be forewarned, this star can also break up your family.

If you are single,it is ok. But if you are married, do be careful.

Let me list them out for you…

    For Rat,Dragon & Monkey,your sex star is at Rooster.Year 1993,2005,2017.
    For Ox,Snake & Rooster,your sex star is at Horse.Year 1990,2002,2014.
    For Tiger,Horse & Dog,your sex star is at Rabbit.Year 1999,2011,2023.
    For Rabbit,Sheep & Pig,your sex star is at Rat.Year 1996,2008,2020.

Singles born under the Rabbit,Sheep & Pig signs may find themselves getting into flirts and flings. Those who are married should be wary of extra marital affairs. If you are looking for one night stands,this is the year.

So after telling you all about your 3 types of romance stars,what is the morale of the story?

The conclusion is that once you know when your romance luck is at its peak, you are able to strike at the right time and get the results you desire, instead of gambling on the right time to make your move. Before I knew about all these, I made a lot of stupid mistakes that wasted a lot of time and resources.

If you strike at the wrong time, you may find that you need a lot of extra effort and you seem to be fighting an uphill battle.

After touching on the 3 romance stars, the other ways to create your romance luck include…

    1.Activating your romance stars.
    2.Getting rid of your loneliness stars.
    3.Taking advantage of the monthly flying romance star.
    4.Eating the correct types of food to boost your charm and romance luck.
    5.Engaging in activities which can increase your chances of success with your date during outings.

Due to the lack of space, I will touch on the other ways in another article. Meanwhile,have fun learning about your 3 romance stars.